Transposer 2.01

Transposer 2.01: Change the pitch of any MP3 song without changing tempo. Great for musicians. tempo. You can also change the tempo of an MP3 song without changing the pitch. The quality of the recording remains the same, within reasonable limits (pitch changes of 4-5 semitones higher or lower, and tempo changes of less than 25%). This program can be very useful to someone trying to learn a certain track of a song. Some applications of Transposer 2.0 include: * By raising or lowering the pitch of a song you can practice in your ideal key! *

Bounce Metronome 4.2: Bounce conductor continually helps you keep in time. Polyrhythms, odd time,...
Bounce Metronome 4.2

TEMPO * Tap in time with music to set tempo * Set any tempo - not limited to 24 to 208 bpm * Fractional BPM. * Gradually get faster or slower * Stepping progressions for speed drills * Programmable * Go silent briefly. SOUNDS * Accent bar beat, accent or skip any beat * Accents for any subdivision (e.g. Jazz accents), * Sounds stereo panned to follow the bouncing ball as an extra cue for your position in the measure. * Use any instrument for each

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MP3 Speed Changer 2.84: Audio speed changer with batch processing and easy-to-use interface
MP3 Speed Changer 2.84

tempo. Files will be automatically speeded up and converted to MP3 so you can move them right to your portable MP3 player or open in your favorite software MP3 player. You can also save time with video files. M3SC enables you to extract the audio track, speed it up and save as MP3. At the 150% tempo you save 20 minutes for every hour of audio material you listen to. Your mind can easily handle the faster tempo, since you can think far faster than

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Tempo 2.12: A simple and smart reminder with some more.
Tempo 2.12

Tempo is an electronic reminder which functions under Windows (32 bits) and displays notes at will. Like Post-It Notes block but with time management. Once installed, it starts automatically with Windows and is summarized by an animated sand-glass in the task-bar of Windows. Each control (buttons, drop-down list, etc.) is equipped with a tip making it easy to use. To create a note double-click on the animated icon of Tempo (sand-glass). Size of notes

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Metronomo de Guitar-Online 2.0: Metronomo para compases simples, compuestos y de amalgama de 40 hasta 340 bpm.
Metronomo de Guitar-Online 2.0

Este metronomo toca tempos desde 40 hasta 340 tonos por minuto. Toca diversos tonos para marcar el acento al principio de los compases simples o compuestos, asi como los acentos intermedios de los compases de amalgama (por ejemplo 13/8 = 3+2+3+2+3/8). Muestra, en su LCD, el compas, tempo y movimiento tocado.

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Guitar-Online Metronome 2.0: Metronome for simple, compound and odd-time meters.
Guitar-Online Metronome 2.0

This metronome plays tempos from 40 to 340 beats per minute. It also allows the user to play simple, compound and odd-time meters as well as mixes of measures (5/4=3+2/4, 13/8=3+2+3+2/8), etc. It plays different tones for accent, intermediate and regular beats, and displays meter, tempo and movement being played.

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DJ Mixer Express for Windows 2.0.0: The ideal beat-matching and DJ mixing software for Windows.
DJ Mixer Express for Windows 2.0.0

DJ Mixer Express for windows is an ideal DJ mixing software for beginners and DJ pros, It has an easy-to-use graphical interface that lets you automate common tasks like beat mixing, automatic beat and tempo detection, seamless looping, automatic-gain, master-tempo, vinyl simulation, mix any songs from iTunes, record mixes, as well as multiple effects. It support all major audio formats including MP3, WAV, AIFF, AU, WMA, M4A, MP4 format.

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